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Freight Rates Management Software

Neurored’s cloud-based B2B price optimization and management solution is the ultimate freight rates management tool for streamlined tendering, quote optimization, and seamless shipment execution.

Freight Rates Customer Portal
Freight Rates Customer Portal

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Freight Rates Management Software Features

Freight Rate Contracts Upload

Leverage your private pre-negotiated Buy Rates with Carriers. Neurored’s cloud-based Freight Brokering Software helps your business:

  • Bulk-Upload freight rates files without reformatting the file or complex Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes
  • Directly source freight rates from leading ocean, air, road & rail freight carriers using API integration
  • Automatically store updated rates as rate revisions or as new records depending on existing rate records in the system

These privately contracted rates can be supplemented with spot freight rates from marketplaces and load boards.

Spot-Rates Sourcing & Tendering

Air Cargo Booking Now in Salesforce!

Thanks to the Neurored & WebCargo Partnership

The leading #Transportation & #Logistics Solution on #Salesforce (Neurored) partners with the leading Air Cargo Rates & Booking Provider (WebCargo by Freightos) to give #WebCargo customers the option of fully multimodal #Freight management capabilities.

Freight Rates Collaboration

Ensure a single source of truth for your business. With Neurored’s cloud-native Freight Rates Management tool, businesses can:

  • Allow multiple teams and users to collaborate on rates upload and management
  • Update existing freight rates while maintaining revision control, change history, and user logs
  • Leverage existing rates data to get strategic insights about rate trends and forecasts

All approved rates are automatically transferred to rate books without manual data entry.

Freight Rates Books Creation

Neurored’s freight rates optimization & management tool helps freight forwarders and global shippers save time by:

  • Create standardized rate books for customers based on regions, carriers, and charge codes.
  • Assign markups and port charges, cartage charges, clearance charges, and other surcharges based on the rate book.
  • Mass-edit rate markups as a percentage of Buy Rates or based on the number of freight units.

Neurored’s Freight Rates Books are a foundation for freight brokering teams to create winning quotes quickly.

Freight Rate Sheets & Quotation

Speed up and streamline quotations by using our cloud-based freight brokering solution to:

  • Create rate cards in a single click by leveraging existing rate books
  • Send customized quotes with branded logos, colors, fonts, and file formats
  • Automatically store freight prices for accounting purposes without data entry

All quotation documents sent to the customer are automatically related and stored in the customer account to simplify communication and team collaboration.

Freight Rates Customer Portal

Freight Booking, Tracking, & Document Management

Fulfill confirmed freight orders by using Neurored’s Freight Rates Management software to:

  • Send emails and complete transportation bookings related to the customer without leaving the app
  • Track shipments across all transportation modes (ocean, air, road, rail, parcel) with Neurored’s Multimodal Supply Chain Visibility App.
  • Collaborate with agents, partners, and customers in real-time for scheduling, pick-ups, and exceptions management using Salesforce chatter
  • Generate and store all related transportation documentation and shipping instructions on the app

Neurored ensures error-free accounting by automatically transferring the buy and sell rates to your current ERP system.

One Stop Solution for Transportation & Logistics

Neurored integrates with any and all of the leading systems in the world and helps you:

  • Manage relationships across multiple partners and stakeholders
  • Integrate and communicate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems
  • Leverage pre-integrated, niche technologies from 30+ trusted players in the industry
  • Complement your systems using our diverse and adaptable software offerings

Carrier Integrations

Benefits of Neurored Rates Management


Faster Quotations


Improved Win Ratio



Reduced Freight Costs


Faster Quotations


Improved Win Ratio



Reduced Freight Costs


Faster Quotations


Improved Win Ratio



Reduced Freight Costs

Customer Success Stories

Werner Success Story

“Neurored provides advanced functionality and we really enjoyed working with the Neurored Team. They have been very accessible regardless of timezone. They are also very well coordinated across departments which leads to smooth implementation.”

Stanley Montoya

Europartners Team Photo

Europartners Success Story

“With Neurored, our quotes get sent out 4x faster (from 20 mins to 5 mins per quote).” The Latin-American freight-forwarding giant, Europartners, recently announced plans to double its global presence from 60 to 120 offices by the end of 2020. 

Alejandra Tamez

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is freight rates management software?

Freight rate management software centralises complex and disparate rates data to help pricing teams and customers to search, sort, and select freight rates and make freight bookings.

Does my business need freight rates management software?

Razor thin margins, increasing competition, and customer expectations make freight rates management necessary. Neurored helps you win more deals, be more profitable, resolve disputes, and dramatically reduce auditing costs. 

How to get the lowest freight rates?

Freight Rates Management Softwares helps you compare prices from various marketplaces and strategic vendor relationships across multiple modes of transportation. Having many price options guarantees you the lowest freight rates and highest savings because of your increased power in the negotiation.

What makes Neurored’s Freight Rates Management tool the best on the market?

Neurored’s solution is native to the world’s #1 Business Apps Platform, which makes it fast, secure, configurable, integrable, stable, and enterprise-ready.

Is Neurored a Cloud-based Freight Rates Management solution?

Neurored is native to the cloud, meaning you don’t have to deal with the problems of an outdated on-premise system and can spend more time running your business.

Do I need Salesforce if I want to use Neurored’s solutions?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have Salesforce or not. Our software solutions are only built using Salesforce and can integrate with any leading ERP, WMS, or CRM systems.

Can I work with my own vendors when using Neurored’s Freight Rates Software?

Yes. Neurored does not require you to use any specific set of vendors. Neurored helps you mass-import rates from excel sheets, connect with your own strategic vendors through API and supplement these rates with information from relevant freight marketplaces. 

Can Neurored’s Freight Rates Management Solution be purchased separately?

Absolutely. All Neurored solutions are modular, and we will only implement the pieces that you require.

How does reverse auctioning help in freight rates management?

Neurored’s reverse auctioning helps you save money without the risk by allowing you to compare price and qualitative vendor performance metrics. Our software lets you share the quote rank with the vendors to incentivise them to send you competitive quotes.

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