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Supply Chain Visibility Software

Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility solution for enterprise-level, end-to-end tracking with an all-in-one supply chain visibility software. Fully compatible with Neurored’s Supply Chain Control Tower.
Freight Rates Collaboration
Freight Rates Collaboration

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Supply Chain Visibility Software Features

Advanced Vessel Tracking

Container Events Visibility & Alerts

Container Hub

Air-Cargo Freight Tracking

FTL Road Transportation Visibility

LTL Road Shipment Tracking

Parcel Delivery Tracking

Asset & Inventory Visibility

Multimodal Supply Chain Control Tower

Detailed Carbon Footprint Monitoring

IoT Device Monitoring

Neurored Visibility App On Salesforce AppExchange

Neurored Track & Trace – Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility

Our latest app allows users to track and trace vessels and containers, truckloads (FTL/LTL), air cargo, and parcels.

One Stop Solution for Transportation & Logistics

Neurored integrates with any and all of the leading systems in the world and helps you:

  • Manage relationships across multiple partners and stakeholders
  • Integrate and communicate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems
  • Leverage pre-integrated, niche technologies from 30+ trusted players in the industry
  • Complement your systems using our diverse and adaptable software offerings

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Supply Chain Visibility Software Benefits

Container Carriers

Trucking Carriers

Railway Carriers

Air Cargo Carriers


of all Parcel Carriers

Container Carriers

Air Cargo Carriers

Trucking Carriers


of all Parcel Carriers

Railway Carriers

Container Carriers

Air Cargo Carriers

Trucking Carriers


of all Parcel Carriers

Railway Carriers

Carrier Integrations

Customer Success Stories

Sentury Success Story

“Thanks to Neurored’s Salesforce expertise, we have launched our vision of an interactive customer portal. Our customers now have detailed, real-time visibility of their shipments and are notified of relevant events as soon as they occur, even if the shipment has multiple drops.”

Maxwell Wee

Carvana Choses Neurored Control Tower Post

Interra Global Success Story

“The sophistication of the tool such as real-time events tracking interface really showcases our technological maturity and helps us position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers.” 

Ken Thompson

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real-Time Visibility?

Real-time visibility in logistics & supply chain refers to the ability to view detailed information of goods and assets in real-time. The visibility information generally contains information about the geographical location, condition (temperature, humidity, etc), and status (stocked, processing, delivered etc.).

Which Types Of Businesses Use Supply Chain Visibility Software?

Supply Chain Visibility Software is perfect for businesses that want better visibility into their transportation and logistics. Typically, these businesses are Global Shippers, 3PLs & Truckload Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Bulk & Commodity Traders, and Ports & Terminals.

Does My Business Need Supply Chain Visibility Software?

A Supply Chain Visibility Software is right for your business if:

  • Your business relies on the timely receipt and delivery of goods,
  • You want to reduce the time spent manually updating customers on shipment status
  • You want to increase the perceived value of your services using a digital tracking portal
What is a Supply Chain Control Tower?

A supply chain control tower is a solution that gives businesses visibility and management control over their global operations. A control tower in supply chain is made by integrating data from tracking & IoT devices, enterprise systems, and third-party vendor/partner systems.

What makes Neurored’s Supply Chain Visibility tool the best on the market?

Neurored has integrations with the leading carriers and also leverages data from leading niche logistics tracking technology partners to give you global supply chain visibility. Additionally, Neurored’s software is native to the world’s #1 Business Apps Platform, which makes it fast, secure, configurable, integrable, stable, and enterprise-ready.

Is Neurored a Cloud-based Supply Chain Visibility Solution?

Neurored is native to the cloud (Salesforce Platform and AWS). This means you will not be locked into an old version of the software (as is the case with on-premise systems) and have the latest tracking information to run your business.

Do I need Salesforce if I want to use Neurored’s solutions?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have Salesforce or not. Our software solutions is built on the Salesforce Platform and can integrate with any leading ERP, WMS, or CRM systems.

Can Neurored’s Supply Chain Visibility Software be purchased separately?

Absolutely. All Neurored solutions are modular, and we will only implement the pieces that you require.

How much does Neurored’s Supply Chain Visibility Software cost?

Our visibility solution costs $100 per user per month when purchased stand-alone, and costs $50 per user per month when purchased with our basic or core package. We require businesses to have a minimum user base of 20 users. There is also an additional implementation charge for setup and configuration that will vary depending on the customizations needed.

What does Neurored’s Customer Onboarding Process look like?

When you contact us we can show you a demo of the solution and even offer you a trial account for the visibility solution. We also try to understand your requirements and give you an estimated proposal of the implementation with the price. We also conduct paid workshops if you need help with the detailed requirements-gathering exercise for your business.

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