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Multimodal Transportation Optimization Software

Neurored helps logistics businesses (FTL/ LTL/ Parcel/ Ocean/ Air) achieve excellence by optimizing their pickup-to-delivery network across order consolidation, transport dispatch, cross-docking, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

Freight Rates Collaboration
Freight Rates Collaboration

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Multimodal Transportation Optimization Features

Transport Order Records

Multimodal Transport Network Optimization

Multimodal Schedules & Bookings

Yard Management & Dock Scheduling

Stevedoring & Warehousing

Stock Overview

Dispatch Planning & Asset Optimization

Cargo Loading Optimization

Last-Mile Routing Optimization

Road Transport eCMR and Tracking

One Stop Solution for Transportation & Logistics

Neurored integrates with any and all of the leading systems in the world and helps you:

  • Manage relationships across multiple partners and stakeholders
  • Integrate and communicate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems
  • Leverage pre-integrated, niche technologies from 30+ trusted players in the industry
  • Complement your systems using our diverse and adaptable software offerings

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Europartners Team Photo

Supply Chain Visibility

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Supply Chain Collaboration

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Benefits of Multimodal Transportation Optimization Software


Improved Efficiency

Trucks Tracked


Miles Saved


Improved Efficiency

Trucks Tracked


Miles Saved


Improved Efficiency

Trucks Tracked


Miles Saved

Carrier Integrations

Customer Success Stories

Werner Success Story

“Neurored provides advanced functionality and we really enjoyed working with the Neurored Team. They have been very accessible regardless of timezone. They are also very well coordinated across departments which leads to smooth implementation.”

Stanley Montoya

Europartners Team Photo

Europartners Success Story

“With Neurored, our quotes get sent out 4x faster (from 20 mins to 5 mins per quote).” The Latin-American freight-forwarding giant, Europartners, recently announced plans to double its global presence from 60 to 120 offices by the end of 2020. 

Alejandra Tamez

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Logistics Optimization?

Logistics optimization is a process that helps businesses increase their operational efficiency using software tools & best practices to help reduce wasted efforts and optimize the flow of goods and assets across any logistics network.

Which Types Of Businesses Use Logistics Optimization Software?

Logistics Optimization Software is perfect for businesses that manage their own transportation fleet. Typically, these businesses are 3PLs & Truckload Carriers, Global Shippers, Bulk & Commodity Traders, and Ports & Terminals.

Does My Business Need Logistics Optimization Software?

If your business manages a fleet of vehicles, Logistics Optimization Software will help you improve your profit margins and dramatically reduce emissions. 

What makes Neurored’s Logistics Optimization tool the best on the market?

Neurored pre-integrates all the leading niche logistics technology partners in the space to give you a one-stop solution for logistics optimization. Additionally, Neurored’s Logistics Optimization Software is native to the world’s #1 Business Apps Platform, which makes it fast, secure, configurable, integrable, stable, and enterprise-ready.

How to Optimize Transportation & Logistics?

Using a TMS (Transportation Management System) software is the best way to optimize transport and logistics. TMS software helps businesses optimize operations by:

  1. Aggregating shipments based on common routes
  2. Finding the best freight rates on the market
  3. Facilitating optimal vehicle loading
  4. Streamlining Yard and Inventory Processes
  5. Empowering delivery route sequencing
  6. Allowing collaboration With Third Party Distributors
  7. Enabling end-to-end shipment visibility
  8. Automating repeated manual tasks
Is Neurored a Cloud-based Logistics Optimization solution?

Neurored is native to the cloud, meaning you don’t have to deal with the problems of an outdated on-premise system and can spend more time running your business.

Do I need Salesforce if I want to use Neurored’s solutions?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have Salesforce or not. Our software solutions is built on the Salesforce Platform and can integrate with any leading ERP, WMS, or CRM systems.

Can Neurored’s Transport & Logistics Optimization Software be purchased separately?

Absolutely. All Neurored solutions are modular, and we will only implement the pieces that you require.

How much does Neurored’s Logistics Optimization Software cost?

Our software costs between $100 and $200 per user per month with a minimum user base of 20 users. There is also an additional implementation charge for configuration that will vary depending on the customizations needed.

What does Neurored’s Customer Onboarding Process look like?

When you contact us, we first try to understand your requirements. We then show you a demo of the solution and give you a proposal of the implementation with the price. We also conduct paid workshops if you need to conduct detailed requirements-gathering exercises for your business.

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